Getting Started

The Sign-up Process

To become a new patient with Dr. Kenneth Raskin, there are a few preliminary steps that need to be taken.

Thoroughly read the information presented under the Services and this page of our website to ensure we are the right choice for your treatment needs.  The Services drop-down menu items will guide you through the treatments we offer, and the Getting Started drop-down menu items will guide you through our insurance statement, what to expect when you become a patient, your appointment frequency, and cost estimates.

If you have reviewed the services offered at Great Lakes Integrative Medicine and determine that treatment at our office in Milwaukee or Schaumburg is right for you, please fill out our appointment request form to schedule your consultation with Dr. Raskin today.

Getting Started with Great Lakes Integrative Medicine

Steps to getting started when you have determined Great Lakes Integrative Medicine is the right choice for your treatment needs.

  • Request an Appointment. Complete our online appointment request form and let us know why you’d like to become a patient with Dr. Raskin (i.e. particular health issues, symptoms, etc.).
  • Appointment Confirmation. Expect a call back from our office within 2 business days to discuss the signup process with you.
  • Electronic Medical Record System Access. You will then be added to our Electronic Medical Record software system and a patient portal invitation will be sent out to you.  You will set up your login credentials and log in to the patient portal to enter your patient demographics, sign consent forms, fill out medical/family/social questionnaires, and add credit card information for ordering lab testing.
  • Lab Testing. We order lab testing for your initial consultation.  Lab testing ordered will consist of urine testing along with an extensive serum panel (blood draw) for both women and men. Once lab results are received in our office, the initial consult appointment is confirmed.
  • Your Initial Consultation. You will then meet with Dr. Raskin for your initial consultation.  This will be a 60 minute consultation to discuss your medical history, symptoms, and lab results.  During this time, Dr. Raskin will work with you to create and personalize a specific treatment plan towards your wellness goals. 

Estimated Costs of Treatment

Consultation Pricing*

Pharmacy Pricing*

Supplements Pricing*

Lab Test Pricing*

Lab testing is a requirement for the services we provide.  Costs for lab testing will vary for each patient.  THE PRICING SHOWN IS ONLY AN ESTIMATE!  A superbill will be provided to the patient with diagnosis codes that will be needed if the patient chooses to file an insurance claim on their own.

What to Expect

For Your Initial Consultation

Once you have scheduled your initial consult, you will be granted access to our patient portal.  You will want to log in, set up your account, and complete the requested history forms.  Dr. Raskin cannot keep your scheduled appointment unless these forms are completed one full week prior to your scheduled consult.  Dr. Raskin spends a great deal of time reviewing lab results and history forms before he ever sees his patients and these things are required.

Dr. Raskin will review your symptoms, history, and lab results in depth with you at your visit.  During your consultation, Dr. Raskin will prescribe any needed medications, nutrition guidance and give supplement recommendations.    You will have time to ask questions during the office visit.  Sixty minutes are scheduled for your initial consultation.  Dr. Raskin tries to be punctual, so we ask that you arrive 15-20 minutes before your appointment time so that you can finalize any paperwork and get your vitals taken.  Dr. Raskin will work with you to establish an initial treatment plan tailored for you.  Ongoing adjustments to your treatment plan and other issues that may arise will be addressed in future follow-up consultations.  A copy of your super bill, treatment plan, and lab results from your consultation will be made available to you in your patient portal for your records and insurance self-submission of claims.

Prescriptions And Supplements

Many of the prescriptions that Dr. Raskin will recommend will be custom made by a compounding pharmacy.  We have taken the extra steps in order to establish an excellent relationship with several of the best compounding pharmacies in order to provide you with a high quality product.  Your pharmacy order will be sent through our electronic medical record following your consultation and the compounding pharmacy will fill your order and send it directly to you.  

Dr. Raskin will order enough medication to last until your next regularly scheduled consultation.  Dr. Raskin does NOT refill medications between consultations.  In order to remain on your treatment regimen, it is imperative that you do your testing on time and that you keep your regularly scheduled appointments. 

Dr. Raskin uses select pharmaceutical grade supplements as part of his treatment recommendations.  Pharmaceutical or professional grade supplements tend to be a higher quality with higher efficacy.  We recommend using Fullscript as an online dispensary for these supplements.  Their website ordering system is easy to use with excellent customer service and the account is set up with a discount of MSRP pricing.  Dr. Raskin will prepare your treatment plan and Fullscript will send you an email with a link to the dispensary web page. 

For Your Follow-up Consults

After your initial consultation with Dr. Raskin is completed, you will be scheduled for a follow-up consultation 3-4 months later to evaluate your initial response to the treatment plan, answer questions, and to make any adjustments to prescriptions and supplements needed.  Focused laboratory studies to track your progress will be performed for this and all subsequent consults.  Consults will be scheduled at 3-4 month intervals to monitor your symptoms and progress.

Must Maintain A Relationship With A Primary Care Physician

Dr. Raskin will be happy to consult with, but not replace, other physicians or providers such as your internist, gynecologist, cardiologist, gastroenterologist, oncologist or other specialty care provider that you are seeing.  He recommends and encourages you to speak with and consider the advice of your other providers, including conventional or mainstream physicians.

Dr. Raskin requires that you maintain a relationship with an outside primary care physician (PCP) to provide emergency and urgent care services.  Dr. Raskin does not admit patients to the hospital or treat hospitalized patients.  If you encounter a medical emergency and are not able to obtain care from your primary care provider, you will need to call 911 or report to the nearest emergency department as appropriate.