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Most patients we see entering our practice are looking to optimize their overall health.  Some know what their issues are before we have evaluated them (things such as menopause, hypothyroidism, or low testosterone) and some patients just know that they are not feeling like themselves and have been told by other providers that they do not have a disease state.  This is classically told to patients that they are “normal”, or their testing is “normal”.   Dr. Raskin has found that there is usually a root cause of someone not feeling well; the goal is to figure out what is causing the problem, so we have a target to address.  

The Core Health Principles that need to be addressed are:

  1. Restorative sleep
  2. Lower inflammation – including dietary causes
  3. Getting the body moving (aerobic and resistance training)
  4. Learning to deal with stressors

These core principles affect every aspect of your health.  

During your consultation, Dr. Raskin will look at your overall health including your hormones, cardiometabolic values, and cortisol response to identify what levels are not optimal and which approach would be best to help you move toward feeling better.  Our goal is that you feel better each and every day.  By looking at what is not going right in your biochemistry, we will figure out a plan that will create a great foundation of health to build upon. 

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Dr. Raskin has been improving his patient’s overall health by determine the root cause of their condition and treating their symptoms at the source.  If you are experiencing negative effects of aging or no longer feel like yourself, please request an appointment through our secure online form under the “Getting Started Pull Down Menu” and one of our staff will contact you!